Sunday, February 8, 2015

Knitting Update

Well, I guess the whole post every week thing isn't off to the best start, but oh well.  At least I'm here today!  As promised in my previous post, today I'm going to do a massive update of all the knitting I've done since the last time I posted anything knitting related.  Prepare for a lot of pictures and not a whole lot of words (for a change).

First up are my Christmas Socks for my Dad.  I was surprised how stripy this yarn and  pattern combination ended up being, but I liked it.  The colors were perfect for my Dad as they ended up looking a bit camouflage-like (he's a hunter) and there was enough color in the yarn to keep from wanting to cry every time I picked them up.   I very much enjoyed the pattern; it was easy and good TV-knitting.

Pattern: Gabriola Yarn: KnitPicks Hawthorne in Laurelhurst (modeled by my friend, Sarah, who has smaller feet than my Dad....hence the bagginess)
Next up, my Mom's Christmas Socks.  I had these planned for her the moment I saw the pattern.  It's Smaug Socks by Claire Ellen.  You see, years before I was born my Mom and Dad hosted lots of Halloween parties, and one year my Dad was Bilbo and my Mom was Smaug.  I have loved the picture that was taken of them dressed up my whole life so I knew these socks were destined for her feet.  I've seen her wearing them every time I've visited since Christmas - win!  By the way, the pattern is a blast and I highly recommend it.

Pattern: Smaug Socks Yarn: Rambling Rose Yarns Alluring Sock Yarn in Cranberry
Next, we have mitts for my Mom for Christmas (the parents really made out in the knitting present department this year).  She requested some fingerless mitts, and I had a bear of a time finding a pattern that I thought would suit her and that I thought I would enjoy.  I ended up with these lovelies.  The pattern is not as hard as it looks and very charming.

Pattern: Leafy Fingerless Gloves Yarn: Fiberstory FAVE Sock in Aegean
Last of the parental Christmas presents is a scarf for my Dad.  This was a last minute knit, but I got it done (and wrapped) before heading down to their house on December 21st.  He requested a scarf to match the hat I gave him the previous Christmas, and thank god for Ravelry or I never would have remembered the yarn I used for the hat!

Pattern: Extra Warm Men's Scarf Yarn: Swans Island Pure Blends Worsted in Seasmoke
Ok, now for the friends' Christmas presents....the only friend who got their present before Christmas was my buddy, Liz.  She told me she gets compliments on this hat from strangers all the time.  I loved this pattern and the finished product so much that I made one for myself in different colors (haven't had a chance to take pictures of it yet).

Pattern: Lucy Hat Yarn: Cascade Yarns 220 in Burnt Orange and Japanese Maple
Next is a repeat of a pattern I previously posted about - the Newborn Vertebrae.  A childhood friend of mine was having a baby shower that my Mother forgot to remind me about, and I wanted to knit her something.  So, I made an emergency run to Jo-Ann's (it was a Sunday so I couldn't go to a LYS), found some sock yarn and threw this together in 3 days.  The night before the baby shower I was up until 1 AM cursing the ribbing but determined to finish it so it could block overnight.  Everyone at the shower was very complimentary and the soon-to-be parents loved it, which made it all worth the cursing.

Pattern: Newborn Vertebrae Yarn: Premier Yarns Wool-Free Sock Stripes in Oasis
 Ok, we're almost done, I promise.  My friend Amy requested a slouchy hat knit with bulky yarn for her Christmas present, so that's what she got.  This knit just screamed by what with huge yarn and huge needles (it's been SO long since I've knit with needles bigger than a 6 or 7).  She loved the hat and we got some beautiful shots of her wearing it.  This one shows off the hat the best although it's not my favorite photo from the shoot.  I'm not too thrilled with the button placement in retrospect, but c'est la's in her hands now.

Pattern: The Annabeth Slouch Hat Yarn: Bernat Roving in Flint

And finally, we're back to socks.  These were a gift for my friend, Kristina, and they were the November RSC kit.  As soon as I saw the colorway for that kit, I knew these were going to be for her.  She is going to keep getting socks too, because I've seen her wearing the other pair I made for her enough times to convince me she is sock-worthy.  The pattern was a fun little knit with an interesting construction for the arch.  

Pattern: Keystone Socks Yarn: BMFA Socks that Rock Lightweight in Acorny

Phew!  And that's the line-up, folks.  I don't know that I've ever cranked out so many knits in three months (I'm not a super fast knitter).  I'm happy with all of them, and I believe that their owners are happy with them as well.  I tell you, nothing is quite so fulfilling as watching someone unwrap a hand-knitted item and immediately throw it upon whatever appendage it was destined for....does a knitter good.  I've only got one Christmas present left on my list, and it's mostly done...just need to rip out a hem and make it longer (grrrrr).

If you stuck with me this long, I applaud you.  Next post (whenever that is) will be shorter (I hope).  As mentioned before, I knit myself a Lucy Hat that I need pictures of and am working on some mitts (in Handmaiden Casbah yarn, which is the most heavenly yarn I have EVER touched).  Now, I'm off to ignore my "work out" task on my to-do list and have myself a glass of wine and a knit.  Have a great week!

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