Monday, August 25, 2014

She's Got That Crazed Look In Her Eyes...

That she would be me.  We are exactly one week away from beginning tech week for Journey to the West, and I am starting to feel the pressure.  The actors are doing a bang-up job, and they truly amaze me.  But with over 160 props, 4 pages worth of quick changes, 245 light cues, and around 150 sound cues, the thought, "Oh my god, how is this all going to come together?" keeps popping into my head.  It's OK, though.  We haven't yet gotten to, "Oh my god, this isn't going to come together", and I honestly don't think we will.  We're just at that stage where we haven't gotten our real props and haven't seen all the costumes.  I'm maintaining (I think) a calm veneer around my cast and director, but inside I'm feeling a wee bit crazed.

We had our OpenStage company picnic yesterday (immediately following a four hour paper tech during which we did not finish going through the whole show) which was a blast.  It was my first time going, and I was nominated for what the company calls OPUS awards - for best technical support for the season.  I didn't end up winning, but I did get a big compliment from the announcer.  He said that Denise (one of the founders and producers of OpenStage) told him that I was the only stage manager that she had ever been scared of.  I also had a lot of people come up and tell me that they had voted for me and they were sure I would win next year.  It made me extremely happy to even be nominated!

Because of how crazed busy I've been, I haven't gotten in a whole lot of knitting time.  My July Rockin' Sock Club kit came, and I started the Shazaam Socks.  This is my first time doing any type of colorwork, and I think Intarsia was a good way to introduce me to it.  Had a false start that required ripping back to the cuff but now it's looking great!  I keep petting the little lightning bolt area of it and smiling with pride.  The Ameliorate mitts for my friend are finished (not in time for her birthday but very close), just need to get some pictures of them.  Speaking of which, guess what I finally talked myself into!

Yes, I fully recognize the irony of taking a picture of a fancy DSLR with an iPhone, by the way.  It's a Nikon D3200, and in that picture it has an 18 - 55mm VR lens on it.  I also bought a 35mm fixed lens with a maximum aperture of 1.8.  It's going to be perfect for taking knitting pictures (once I finally have the time to do such a thing).  I would promise that next time, I'll have lots of pictures and FOs to show off, but I highly doubt that will happen what with me living at work and rehearsal for the next two weeks.  

So, until I'm able to get proper knitting pictures with my fancy new toy, I leave you with the cutest picture I have ever taken of my dog, Maddie (also the first picture I took with the new camera).

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