Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hello World!

So, what's the whole idea here?  Well, I plan on writing about two of the things I enjoy most in life: knitting and theatre.  Primarily, I plan on using this blog as a journal for myself but if others find the content interesting, that's even better!

I've been knitting for about 7 years.   What that means is that I am not an experienced knitter who will hand out advice and tips.  Part of the purpose of this blog is to document what I'm learning and my growth as a knitter.  For about 5 years of those 7, I only knit afghans, scarves, and hats - I was absolutely terrified of ever trying to knit something that was supposed to actually fit someone (hats don't really fall into that category to me....sure, they have to fit but you have a lot more leeway there).  About two years ago, I finally knit my first garment - a super easy raglan shrug knit seamless in the round.  Since then, I've knitted quite a few of those shrugs for friends and family as well as some other sweaters.  Just this year, I started knitting socks and, I have to confess, I'm on a bit of sock-knitting binge.  In fact, I probably won't be knitting much else for awhile...sorry 'bout that.

Part of the reason I'm loving knitting socks so much is that they are small - they're portable and, even better, they don't take as long to complete.  Why is that good?  Well, mostly because I normally only have an hour or a couple of hours a day where I can knit.  And that is because, along with working a full-time job as a software tester (hence the software-related hello world title), I stage manage for two theatre companies in my city.

Theatre has been a passion of mine since I was three years old and my parents took me to see Romeo & Juliet.  After that, they couldn't tear me away from it.  I was involved in theatre all the way through high school and then even went so far to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Stage Management.  All in all, I've been stage managing for over 10 years now.   It is my true passion and, if I could make money doing it, that's what I would be doing.  We don't need to get into a discussion about why I'm not in New York City or Chicago pursuing that possibility of money, but, let's just say that it's not the time for that.  Perhaps someday, I'll take the plunge and pursue it as a true career but, for now, it remains a hobby that sort-of pays.

Well, that's my rather wordy intro.  Next time, I'll actually talk about my two current projects: Manly Socks and The Tempest. 

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